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The lightening round

“Can Sarah Palin win in a general election?”
Yes she can, all five candidates agreed during the lightening round of questioning at the RNC chairman debate. During this round, candidates were asked quick fire questions with little time to explain answers.

As the questions went on, some of the candidates became more candid with their responses.

“Name one thing President Obama has done that you agree with.”
Saul Anuzis said that the one thing he agreed with that Obama did was go on vacation.

“How many guns do you own?”
Maria Cino, Michael Steele, and Reince Priebus said none. Wagner's response came to claps and laughs. "I may surprise ya'll," Ann Wagner continued, "we just got a new gun case for Christmas, and so I think there are about 16 in there. Everything from a pistol and a glock to shotguns, rifles, and...an assault rifle."

"What is your favorite book?"
"Probably my kitchen table," Wagner said in describing her favorite bar instead of her favorite book because she didn't hear the question properly. She went on to correct herself - President Bush's new book is her favorite. Same question, Steele said his favorite was War and Peace but then quoted another book, A Tale of Two Cities - "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."

“Where do you get your news?”
In a subtle nod to the Katie Couric question that famously flummoxed then-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, one of the moderators, Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson, asked the panelists, “where do you get your news?”

Priebus joked that he got his news from The Daily Caller, which also happened to be co-sponsoring the debate. During Steele's turn, he said, "I'm an old fashioned guy. I start the day every morning with a hard copy of the Washington Post."