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Top 'shiny metal objects' of 2010

Here are some of what we like to call “shiny metal objects," some of the most distracting moments of 2010. Thoughts? Did we miss any? Vote for the shiniest of shiny metal objects in our live poll at right.

- Christine O’Donnell wins/loses, FBI opens criminal probe
- Sarah Palin’s endorsements/Sarah Palin’s Twitter/Facebook postings
- Shirley Sherrod “controversy”
- Sharron Angle
- Carl Paladino
- Sue Lowden: Chickens to the doctor
- Kirsten Gillibrand “challenger”
- Obama-Clinton 2012 ticket
- The mosque controversy
- TSA pat downs
- James O’Keefe takes New Orleans
- Obama’s “$200 million a day” India trip
- The “public option”
- Bill Halter
- Eric Massa
- Liz Cheney criticisms
- Criticism of START (wound up passing overwhelmingly)
- Alan Grayson
- Anthony Weiner
- Jerry Brown's 'whore' comment
- Meg Whitman's housekeeper