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Top events/moments of 2010

Below is a look back at some of the things that happened in 2010 (in somewhat chronological order). What did we miss? And take our live poll at right on what you think was the most significant moment of 2010. Check out our next post of "Shiny Metal Objects of the year."

- Scott Brown elected
- Guantanamo remains open
- Baby killer shouted during health care debate
- Health care reform passed, signed
- Financial regulation passed, signed
- BP oil spill
- Greece riots
- Afghanistan casualties rise
- Bob Bennett loses
- Sestak beats Specter, loses to Toomey
- Blanche Lincoln wins, then loses
- Elena Kagan sworn in
- Iraq drawdown
- Glenn Beck rally/Jon Stewart/Colbert rally
- Tea Party outrage/Republicans take back the House; Boehner to be speaker
- Harry Reid wins
- Charlie Rangel censured
- Rahm Emanuel leaves White House to run for Chicago mayor
- Wiki, wiki, wiki-leaks of diplomatic cables
- Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repealed
- Joe Miller wins primary, then loses
- Lisa Murkowski, loses primary, then wins first write-in campaign for Senate since 1954