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Morning Roundup: Snowed over

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) are facing bubbling anger among New Jersey and New York residents upset with their handling of the snow. Lots of roads are still unplowed. And people were again waiting on planes at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport last night for hours.

The New York Times, in its headline, wrote that the snow “chastens Bloomberg” and the (Newark) Star-Ledger called it, “A Failure of Leadership,” a day after writing that it was “absent-minded” for both Christie and his lieutenant governor being out of state on vacation at the same time when forecasters were warning of this storm for days.

Murkowski to be certified tomorrow: Pete Williams reported on First Read last night that a federal judge in Alaska lifted the stay on Lisa Murkowski’s (R) certification. Alaska officials say she’ll be certified tomorrow.

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Warning shot: Congressman Danny Davis, running for mayor of Chicago, is warning former President Bill Clinton to stay out of the mayoral race. Clinton had indicated he would campaign for former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Davis, who is black, said in a press release yesterday that if Clinton campaigns with Emanuel his relationship with the African-American community “may be fractured and perhaps even broken.” Speaking of vacations, Emanuel is vacationing in Thailand.

Tea Party redux: The Virginia Senate race could be a repeat of what we saw in lots of 2010 races. A Tea Party organizer filed for the Republican nomination, but George Allen (R), who narrowly lost to Jim Webb (D) in 2006 is looking to run as well.

The Replacement: AP speculates on who could replace White House economic adviser Larry Summers, set to depart by the end of the week. A replacement is expected to be named early next year. Head of the president’s economic council is key job with unemployment, which sits at 9.8%, the top issue for voters. AP: “Will [President Obama] tap the business world with a figure such as Roger Altman, an investment banker and Clinton administration alumnus who might carry too much baggage from his association with Wall Street? Will he turn to academia instead, calling on a scholar such Yale President Richard Levin? Or will he go with deeply experienced insiders such as deficit hawk Gene Sperling at the Treasury Department or Jason Furman, the council's deputy director?”

On high alert: The president’s vacations haven’t been so event-free. Remember, last Christmas was the so-called underwear bomber on a plane to Detroit. This one, however, has been very quiet. The Times, however, reports that President Obama was “peeved” last year when he couldn’t get in touch with his top national security adviser John Brennan. But this year, he’s gotten a “communications upgrade,” the Times writes, adding, “Mr. Obama and his advisers, still smarting over the criticism they received for the seemingly flat-footed response, have gone into overdrive to prepare for what counterterrorism experts say is a heightened threat this holiday season.”