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Chicago elections board considers Rahm's eligibility

Earlier this morning, the hearing officer -- a Republican -- examining the residency challenges into Rahm Emanuel's bid for Chicago mayor recommended that Emanuel be placed on the ballot.

The hearing officer concluded that Emanuel did not abandon his residency rights when he moved to Washington to be President Obama's chief of staff, and that Illinois law expressly protects the voting and residency rights of those absent "on business of the United States, or of this state."

Today, the three-member Chicago Board of Elections is meeting to consider the challenges to Emanuel's residency eligibility to be Chicago mayor. It's not certain when a vote will be held -- as each of the nearly 30 objectors, Emanuel, or their lawyers has the right to address the board before they vote.

Whatever the outcome, the vote will not be the last word. The decision is virtually certain to be appealed, so the issue will ultimately be decided by the courts.

The board is made up of two Democrats and one Republican. Members are appointed by the Cook County circuit court's chief judge.