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Before you dust off that 'Comeback Kid' title...

After last night's bipartisan passage of a massive tax cut deal delivered a big win for the White House, news organizations hurried to cast President Barack Obama as "the new comeback kid." (Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer was among the first out of the gate.)

As we wrote this morning, the deal represented Obama’s biggest victory since the passage of his flagship health care reform in March, and it’s certainly a welcome triumph for a White House badly in need of approving nods from swing voters.

But before you grant the 'Comeback Kid' title, keep in mind just how much the press occasionally enjoys searching for the next worthy recipient of the moniker famously self-submitted by Bill Clinton after his New Hampshire campaign rebound.

Here’s just a smattering of headlines celebrating the shorthand for the ultimate unlikely victor since Clinton first nabbed the title in 1992.

Clinton stars as Comeback Kid -- Chicago Tribune, Jan. 2008

Is McCain the latest 'Comeback Kid'? -- Miami Herald, Dec. 2007

John Edwards: The Comeback Kid? -- Greensboro News & Record, Jan. 2008

John Kerry, the new Comeback Kid -- U.S. News and World Report, June 2007

Comeback Kid?; Bob Barr Likely to Seek a Return to the House in 2004 -- Roll Call, Jan. 2003


“Is Quayle the next Comeback Kid?” -- New York Times, 1999

“Will Gore be the new ‘Comeback Kid’?” -– Knoxville News-Sentinel, Sept.1997

Why Dole Might Star As the Comeback Kid – Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 1996

Bob Packwood, comeback kid? – Washington Times, March 1995