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Pelosi: Vote tonight on tax deal; estate-tax could be separate

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the tax bill will be voted on tonight and that she has "no objection" to members getting to vote for the estate-tax language separately.

Here's the exchange with reporters:

REPORTER: Will the tax plan be voted on later tonight?

PELOSI: "That is the plan. Definitely. I should say definitely, although I don't know what's happening with the weather. We spend so much time in the basement I didn't even know it was snowing."

REPORTER: More than one amendment?

PELOSI: "That decision hasn't been made."

REPORTER: Allow members to have a separate vote on the bill?

PELOSI: "Right and that was, that was... That's fine, they can have a separate vote on the bill."

REPORTER: So you think that's the way it will come back to the floor?

PELOSI: "Again, we're in consultation with the Rules Committee, but I have no objection to that."