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Obama agenda: Down but certainly not out

Here's our write-up of the new NBC/WSJ poll: "After his party’s midterm losses and with the unemployment rate still hovering around 10 percent, President Barack Obama might be down. But he’s far from out — especially when it comes to his prospects for re-election in 2012."

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s: “Overall, the survey indicates that, for all the criticism the president is taking in Washington from Democratic leaders and liberal activists, he is shifting in a direction supported by many Democrats outside Washington and by the public in general.”

The Afghanistan review: “President Obama's annual review of the Afghanistan war strategy paints a mixed picture of ‘reversible’ U.S. and NATO gains in a hostile region that still poses a threat to the U.S. homeland,” The Hill writes. “An unclassified review, provided to reporters by the White House, warns that while al-Qaeda's senior leadership has been ‘depleted’ and the group's ability to prepare terrorist attacks has been ‘degraded,’ the terror network still poses a threat.”

“President Barack Obama has been invited to Charleston this spring to participate in the 150th anniversary observance of the first firing on Fort Sumter, the start of the nation's defining conflict,” the Charleston Post and Courier writes. “It could be Obama's first visit to South Carolina since his election. [Charleston Mayor Joe] Riley noted that it would be particularly significant if Obama, the nation's first black president, read the words of President Abraham Lincoln, whose 1860 election set in motion secession, civil war and ultimately the emancipation of the nation's 4 million slaves.”

The conservative New York Post: “Talk about moving to the political center! President Obama hosted some of the country's top CEOs in Washington yesterday -- sounding more like a champion of free markets and lower taxes than a big-government spender.”