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Gingrich: health care ruling is 'victory'

On the website for his 527 group American Solutions, Newt Gingrich praised the Virginia health care ruling which declared the individual mandate portion of President Obama’s health care reform bill unconstitutional, calling the decision “an enormous victory for all Americans.”

Congress should finish the job by repealing this flawed legislation and replacing it with market-based, individually centered health reform that leads to affordable coverage for all Americans.

Full repeal is going to be a very long, difficult fight - but today's ruling is a huge victory that should not be overlooked.

Last week, Gingrich weighed in on the tax cut deal - tweeting that it too was a “great victory for American people and GOP leadership.” That comment put him on the opposite side of the issue than Mitt Romney, who, we wrote today, criticized the temporary nature of the bill and the fact that it adds to the deficit.