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Senate may punt final tax vote another day

From NBC's Ken Strickland
After yesterday's successful vote to move the tax cut bill forward in the Senate, it seemed likely that the upper chamber would approve final passage of the compromise legislation today and send the bill to the House.

But, as of this morning, there are no votes scheduled for today in the Senate on the bill.

Here's why: After a filibuster is successfully broken - as it was yesterday - Senate rules require an additional 30 hours of debate before moving to the final vote. That 30 hours won't expire until about midnight tonight.

Often, that 30 hour gap is bypassed if no senators object.

But if just one senator doesn’t agree to skip the debate, the Senate is forced to burn up the entire 30 hours before the final vote.

With a small but vocal group of opponents to the bill, that's likely the cause for the delay.

But the timeline could change as Senate leaders negotiate whether or not to allow votes on amendments to the package, so stay tuned.