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2010: Don't stop … believing,' part 5

Republican Joe Miller is taking his challenge to Alaska's U.S. Senate race to the state Supreme Court," the AP writes. "Miller filed his appeal Monday, three days after a lower court ruled against his lawsuit challenging how the state counted write-in ballots for his rival, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Arguments are set for Friday."

Here's the appeal filing, as posted by the Anchorage Daily News.

The Anchorage Daily News in a Saturday editorial wrote: "We're confident most Alaskans hope Joe Miller will understand that just because you can hold up certification of the U.S. Senate election doesn't mean you should. ... Don't even bother to stick a fork in this one. It's overdone. All Miller will accomplish now by pursuing the court case is delay certification and potentially leave Alaska without its senior senator on duty. That's a disservice to the state Miller claimed he wanted to serve."