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Judge impeached by Senate; just eighth time in history

New Orleans based, U.S. District Court Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. was convicted of various acts of corruption. The case was prosecuted by members of the House who argued the judge accepted cash and favors from parties with business before his court after the judge developed a gambling problem.

They also found that Porteous lied to federal investigators during his nomination process about his background. He also was accused of lying to Congress and filing for bankruptcy under a false name.

Porteous presented a defense and his lawyers argued that some allegations were false and his improper actions occurred before he was a member of the federal bench and therefore did not rise to impeachment. Porteous has continued to receive his $174,000 annual federal salary since 2008 when the misconduct issued were raised and he stopped hearing cases.

It is just the eighth time in U.S. history a federal judge has been impeached by the Senate and removed from office. It's the first Senate impeachment trial since the 1999 trial of former President Bill Clinton.

Nearly all senators were seated at their desks which is rare in itself as they rendered judgment.

Here are how the votes broke down (Two-thirds required):

Verdict on Article I, 96 Senators voted guilty. None voted not guilty.
On Article II, 69 guilty, 27 not guilty.
On Article III, 88 guilty, 8 not guilty.
On Article IV, 90 guilty, 6 not guilty.