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2010: Sore loser?

ALASKA: Joe Miller has an op-ed in the Washington Times criticizing Lisa Murkowski on earmarks, calling the practice “corrupt” -- and he hits the Native Alaskan community and even Ted Stevens. “Lisa Murkowski proved this past week that she has learned nothing from the message of the midterm elections. The main issues that drove people to the polls and created a Republican landslide were the beliefs that our nation is on the wrong track and that government spending has gotten completely out of control,” Miller writes.

(Of course, that’s not what drove them to the polls in the general election in Alaska to vote for a write-in candidate over Miller. Just sayin’…)

Why is Miller keeping up the fight? Might it be all about the money? “Joe Miller is raising money like it is going out of style,” The State Column writes. “The Republican U.S. Senate candidate has reported raising nearly $250,000 since Election Day. The Miller campaigned reported that it has raised an additional $241,000 since last month’s Alaska Senate election.”

MINNESOTA: “The Minnesota GOP is punishing two former governors and a former U-S senator for backing Independence party candidate, Tom Horner, in the governor's race,” local Fox affiliate KEYC reports. “At a meeting this weekend, party leaders voted to bar 18 republicans from Party activities for two years, including the 2012 Republican National convention.”

Former Minnesota Gov. Al Quie “laughed” when he found he had been banned from the state Republican Party, Minnesota Public Radio writes. “I've got a long history," Quie said. “My grandfather supported Lincoln. That's the first time the Republican Party won the presidency!’”

NEW YORK: NY-1: Newsday wonders if Randy Altschuler (R) is running for 2012 already. He trails incumbent Tim Bishop (D) by about 270 votes (depending on which campaign you ask).