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Baucus a no on deficit commission proposal

Earlier today, GOP Sens. Tom Coburn and Mike Crapo -- members of President Obama's deficit commission -- said they would vote in favor of commission's final proposal.

Well, another commission member -- Dem Sen. Max Baucus -- is a no.

"I have studied the Deficit Commission recommendations at length -- and I can tell you they are wrong for Montana and wrong for rural communities across the country. Reducing our federal deficit is imperative, but we cannot cut the deficit at the expense of veterans, seniors, ranchers, farmers and hard-working families. Instead, we need to look for common-sense ways to help businesses create jobs and grow our economy. These recommendations are wrong for our state, they are wrong for our country, and I simply can't support them."

According to whip counts, that puts the yeas at nine, and the nays at three -- with six undeclared.

To move to Congress, 14 of the 18 members will need to vote yes tomorrow.