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2010: Dayton continues to lead in MN

MINNESOTA: “Before the recount, Emmer trailed DFLer Mark Dayton by nearly 9,000 votes. Since the recount began Monday, Dayton has lost 38 votes and Emmer has lost one, according to results posted by the secretary of state's office. As of Tuesday night, 69.9 percent of the ballots had been recounted,” the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes. “Emmer's camp has challenged 597 ballots and Dayton's has challenged 143; those ballots are taken out of the mix and will be reviewed by the state Canvassing Board.”

NEW YORK: NY-1: In the one remaining uncalled House race… “After the counting of 71 military ballots this morning, Mr. Altschuler trails Mr. Bishop by 214 votes, according to the Altschuler campaign, or 215 votes, according to the Bishop campaign. The Suffolk County Board of Elections has not released an official count,” the Southampton Press writes. The race is in the courts and could drag on for weeks.