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2010: Dayton picks up votes on first day of recount

MINNESOTA: The Minneapolis Star Tribune on the first day of the gubernatorial recount: “By day's end, more than 400 ballots were challenged, with the vast majority coming from Emmer's side. County officials declared half of those challenges ‘frivolous,’ meaning they remain in the current count but could get another look.”

That said, "Dayton picked up 20 votes while Emmer lost four. Dayton now leads Emmer 43.6 percent to 43.2 percent -- a margin of 8,794 votes. Those numbers represent only a snapshot, since more than half of the state's ballots have yet to be recounted. Before the recount began, Dayton led Emmer by 8,770 votes."

NEW YORK: NY-1: “The fate of the nation's only remaining undecided congressional race will be submitted to a State Supreme Court judge in Riverhead today,” Riverhead Local writes. “Lawyers for Tim Bishop (D) and Randy Altschuler (R) are scheduled to appear in the Riverhead courtroom of Judge Peter H. Mayer today to begin arguing over the more than 2,000 absentee ballots challenged by both candidates in the race for New York's First Congressional District.” Bishop leads by 235 votes.

Stu Rothenberg wonders if the special election in May was a turning point and that Democrats misread the message of their win there. (But one could argue that May was a turning point because of other events -- namely, the BP spill and Greek debt crisis, which produced a summer of bad news for the White House.)

Nathan Gonzales: “For most of the election cycle, Democratic strategists were optimistic they could hold the House because of their arsenal of opposition research. But Democratic attacks failed to bring down enough Republican challengers to keep the majority.”