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2012: The Tea Party's next GOP targets?

“Sen. Patty Murray was buttonholed on the Senate floor Monday night by Democratic colleagues, many facing re-election in 2012, who urged her to lead Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee next year,” Roll Call reports. “According to a Democratic Senate aide, a host of Members approached the Washington state lawmaker Monday night during a floor vote to encourage her to take over the DSCC next year.”

FLORIDA: Former Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned after he was revealed to have sent male pages sexually charged internet messages, is seriously considering a bid for West Palm mayor, the Palm Beach Post reports.

MAINE: “There is a budding mystery along the northern border, where a local tea party leader insists a credible challenger has emerged to attack Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe from the right,” Roll Call reports. “Just don’t ask who it is.”

NEW HAMPSHIRE: “Former U.S. senator Rick Santorum visited New Hampshire Monday for the seventh time this year, laying the groundwork for a potential 2012 presidential bid,” visiting the Manchester Rotary Club and a local Republican committee, the Manchester Union-Leader writes.

“When the fall campaign began, New Hampshire was the bluest of states, the temptation almost irresistible to describe the political environment as being as blue as the skies in the Presidential Range. When it ended earlier this month, red skies of deep atmospheric change were everywhere,” Real Clear Politics writes. “What this means for the national political picture is clear. The New Hampshire primary, for six decades the first in the country, will be conducted in an atmosphere that has been altered substantially.”

SOUTH CAROLINA: Wristbands will be handed out on Wednesday for Sarah Palin’s book-signing stop in Columbia, The State reports.

TEXAS: “Several Texas conservatives are vowing to make Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) pay for her primary challenge to popular Republican Gov. Rick Perry,” The Hill writes. “The four-term senator hasn’t announced whether she’ll run for reelection, but, no matter her decision, Tea Party activists are preparing to run their own candidates.”