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Ann Wagner jumps into RNC chair race

The race for head of the Republican National Committee got another candidate this morning.

Former Missouri GOP Chairwoman Ann Wagner announced in a video that she is getting in. Her entry had been widely rumored for the past two weeks.

"2012 is going to be a challenging cycle," she says in the video. "The RNC needs to be funded to its maximum obligations. We must be efficient, relevant, professional, and credible. We must start immediately to erase past debt, and to restore the confidence of our donor base."

She adds, "Fundraising must come first. We also must have greater transparency and accountability when it comes to the RNC's budget and expenditures."

All are thinly veiled references to current RNC Chairman Michael Steele's tenure. Steele has not yet announced whether he will run for reelection.

Wagner, who is also a former RNC co-chair and, most recently, chaired Roy Blunt's successful Senate campaign in Missouri, also says in the video, "We need to get back to basics."

In addition to money, she touts microtargeting, field operations, but also a more personal side.

"Yes I'm a political operative," she says, "but more than that I'm a devoted wife and mother from the middle of America."

She adds, "Like you, I am deeply concerned about the direction our left-wing adversaries are taking this country. Our freedoms and values are under assault. I'm concerned about soaring spending, massive debt, punitive tax increases, and an expansive government that seeks to control our businesses, communities, and families."