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2010: Miller files suit in state court

ALASKA: “Alaska's bitterly contested Senate election went to state court Monday when Republican Joe Miller sued the state over the way write-in ballots for his GOP rival have been counted,” the AP writes. “Miller is trying to stop the state from using discretion in determining voter intent on write-in ballots cast for Sen. Lisa Murkowski… Miller's lawsuit was originally filed in federal court, but U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline ruled Friday it was a matter for a state court to decide… The target date for certifying the election is Nov. 29. A re-count can then be requested by Dec. 4.”

MINNESOTA: The Minnesota Supreme Court denied Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Emmer's petition “to force local election officials to compare voter signatures with vote tallies on Election Day,” Minnesota Public Radio reports. “Now, attorneys for Emmer are expected to ask the five member State Canvassing Board to do what the Supreme Court didn't -- require local elections officials to match up the number of ballots cast with the number of voters who signed in on Election Day.”

Left-leaning blog Talking Points Memo writes: “Minnesota law provides for, if a precinct is found to have an excessive number of votes beyond the number of people who are recorded as having voted there, to randomly remove votes from the tallies. The big questions, then, are how to properly determine what the right number is, and whether any true over-voting occurred. Team Emmer argues that the law can only allow for the people who signed the register to be the proper measurement, while the Secretary of State's rules (which go back to the 1980s) have directed precinct workers to count up the number of separate voter receipts.”

NEVADA: Sharron Angle told the Lahontan Valley News Saturday, per the AP, that “she was shocked by her Nov. 2 loss to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but in looking forward has "lots of options" to weigh as she decides her next political step. ‘I will always be involved in politics. I have a lot of options next cycle,’ Angle told the Lahontan Valley News. ‘Lots of options.’ Nevada's other U.S. Senate seat is up in 2012 and as many as four congressional seats could be in play by then. Angle, a former state representative, said she also could seek a term in the Nevada Senate… Jarring to Angle were the handful of Nevada Republicans who endorsed Reid. She singled out Reno Mayor Bob Cashell and Sparks Mayor Gino Martini. ‘That was the most surprising blow,’ she said. ‘I always thought in the end there is some kind of loyalty, but they shifted loyalties to the fellow who could deliver the pork."

There are now four uncalled House races, with Republicans leading in one. Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D-TX) conceded last night in TX-27, moving the GOP’s net gain up to +62.

CA-11: Rep. Jim Costa “widened his lead over the Hanford cherry farmer [Andy Vidak] to 3,031 votes. With only 1,000 votes left uncounted in Fresno County it is now impossible for Vidak to catch up,” the Bakersfield Californian writes.

NY-1: “On the eastern tip of Long Island, Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop has a 17-vote lead over Republican challenger Randy Altschuler,” the New York Observer reports. Bishop’s campaign claims a 206-vote lead.

NY-25: “Out in western New York, it appears as if Democratic congressman Dan Maffei is headed for defeat,” the Observer adds. “Republican Ann Marie Buerkle, a Tea Party favorite, has a 567-vote lead as of this afternoon. A court hearing is set for Tuesday, where Maffei's lawyers may ask for a hand-recount, which could continue on until January. The Buerkle campaign seems cautiously optimistic.”

TX-27: “Democratic Texas Congressman Solomon Ortiz has conceded defeat to Republican newcomer Blake Farenthold,” the AP reports. “Ortiz's concession came late Monday, after a South Texas recount confirmed he had lost a House seat he held for nearly three decades.”