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Rangel convicted of breaking House rules

A House Ethics subcommittee found Charlie Rangel (D-NY), the 80-year-old former chairman of the important House Ways and Means Committee, guilty on 11 *** UPDATE: 12 of 13 counts of breaking House rules.

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports: Of the 13 original alleged counts of wrongdoing against Rep. Rangel, the adjudicatory committee found "clear and convincing evidence" on all but one count.

Count Three, where the Committee split in a 4-4 vote, was an alleged violation of the gift rule. The allegation was that contributions to the Rangel Center were indirect gifts to Rangel. The allegation also stated that Rangel would have benefited from an office in the center that would have included archiving his official papers.

Counts Four and Five were combined and both deal with use of the "franking privilege" which gives members free postal service for official government business only.

That combination of Four and Five takes the total from 13 to 12 counts.