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2010: Paper -- Murkowski takes the lead

This morning, the centrist Democratic Leadership Council is hosting a panel discussion on the midterms (entitled “Governing a Divided Washington: Lessons Learned from the Midterm Elections”), and it’s headlined by Gov.-elect Dan Malloy (CT) and DLC Chairman Harold Ford Jr.

ALASKA: The Alaska Daily News' headline: "Murkowski passes Miller in vote count." The story: "The Division of Elections has now counted 92,164 votes for Murkowski and 90,458 for Miller. Murkowski's number will grow as the state continues to go through write-in ballots today, looking to see what name voters wrote on them. More than 8,000 write-in ballots remain to be looked at. he trend since counting began last week has been for the Division of Elections to count more than 97 percent of them for Murkowski." But: "Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said he still thinks the court challenge could get enough votes thrown out for Miller to win. 'The race is far from over,' DeSoto said."

"Election workers are scheduled to continue counting ballots in Alaska's still-undecided Senate race," AP writes. "About 8,800 ballots were to be tallied on Tuesday, a day after election officials said Sen. Lisa Murkowski had emerged from several days of counting with a 1,706 vote lead over GOP nominee Joe Miller."

CALIFORNIA: CA-20: “Fresno Democrat Jim Costa extended his lead over Republican challenger Andy Vidak of Hanford in the latest vote-count update in the 20th Congressional District,” the Fresno Bee writes. “Costa's lead is now 1,428 on Vidak, in what ended up being a hard-fought re-election battle for Costa.”

ILLINOIS: IL-8: “Clerks counting the final ballots said that, barring any legal challenges, they expect to know this afternoon who will represent the 8th Congressional District,” the Northwest Herald writes. “Since election night, the race between Republican Joe Walsh and incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean has remained too close to call. At last count, Walsh was ahead by 347 votes.”

MINNESOTA: Minnesota will begin its recount Nov. 29th with all counties starting their counts at the same time. Most counties hope to be done with the recounts by Dec. 7th. There will be canvassing board meetings to deal with recount issues from Dec. 8-10 and the board will certify a winner Dec. 14.

NEW YORK: NY-25: “Election inspectors and representatives for Ann Marie Buerkle and Rep. Dan Maffei will return today to begin counting,” the Auburn Citizen writes. “Two counties — Cayuga and Monroe — completed their absentee counting on Friday. Buerkle received 59 votes in Cayuga, while Maffei received 35. In Monroe County, Buerkle garnered 630 votes to Maffei’s 612. Between the two counties, about 270 ballots were challenged, mostly by Maffei’s representatives. Buerkle’s lead now stands at 729 votes.”