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Six uncalled House races; GOP leads in four

There are now six uncalled House races – Republicans lead in four. Ben Chandler’s opponent conceded in KY-6. Republicans scored a net gain of 60 seats on Election Night and that could rise to around 64.

All of these seats are held by Democrats. Republican wins would add to the number of freshmen – anywhere from 93 to 97 (including nine Democrats), depending on the outcomes of these races.

CA-11: “San Joaquin County election workers labored through the weekend to verify provisional ballots in the photo finish between Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney and GOP challenger David Harmer,” the Stockton Record writes. “Though McNerney has declared victory, Harmer has not conceded. In San Joaquin County, 8,800 provisional ballots remain to be counted. By Sunday, workers had inspected half.”

CA-20: “Challenger Andy Vidak mounted a little bit of a comeback in the 20th Congressional District race Friday after Fresno County officials counted an additional 3,403 ballots in his contest against incumbent Jim Costa,” the Bakersfield Californian writes. “Vidak claimed 93 more of those ballots than Costa, snipping Costa's 1,200-vote lead from earlier this week down to 1,107. Costa was leading Vidak overall 41,621 to 40,514.”

Here’s an AP headline on the counting: “Alaska may finish counting before this California district.”

IL-8: Both Melissa Bean (D) and Joe Walsh (R) will be in DC this week -- Bean to work in the lame-duck session; Walsh for freshman orientation. Bean trails Walsh by 347 votes. Her campaign says there are 1,500 uncounted absentees and provisional ballots. Her team also denied rumors that she could be tapped for an Obama administration job, like heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Agency: “There are rumors; I don’t know where they’re coming from,” Ms. Bean said. “In the meantime, I have a job to do.”

KY-6: This one’s over, as the Republican -- Andy Barr -- conceded to Ben Chandler, who won by just 648 votes.

NY-1: Incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop (D) trails Randy Altschuler (R) by slightly fewer than 400 votes. There remain about 10,000 absentee ballots to be counted and Bishop wants a hand recount.

NY-25: Tea Party-backed Republican Ann Marie Buerkle widened her lead slightly over Dan Maffei (R) to 739 votes. But: “Even though the absentee ballots added to Buerkle’s slim lead, Maffei’s campaign saw reason to be optimistic that it would make up the difference when absentee ballots are opened next week in Onondaga County,” the Syracuse Post-Standard writes. Despite the uncertain result, Buerkle is in Washington for orientation.

TX-27: A recount will happen this week. Incumbent Rep. Solomon Ortiz (D) trails by 797 votes to Blake Farenthold (R).