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Making sense of the midterms

ALASKA: The Anchorage Daily News: “Almost 98 percent of write-in ballots opened Wednesday went to Lisa Murkowski on the first day of a count meant to decide Alaska's U.S. Senate race… Elections workers opened the write-in ballots for almost 20 percent of the precincts in Alaska on Wednesday. The count of more than 90,000 write-ins will continue today and is expected to last five days.”

The U.S. District Court judge who was originally assigned to Joe Miller’s write-in lawsuit “quickly removed himself from the case,” the Alaska Dispatch reports. “It turns out [Judge John] Sedwick was the chief judge under whom Miller once worked as a part-time U.S. magistrate judge in Fairbanks, and Miller's sudden departure from the post to instead seek political office left Sedwick with a less than stellar opinion of the man. In fact, Sedwick openly admits he formed a ‘negative opinion of Mr. Miller.’”