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Making sense of the midterms

ALASKA: Let the lawsuits begin! Joe Miller's filed a complaint and "motion for preliminary injunction" contending "the state improperly deviated from the text of the statute, and is substituting a subjective 'voter intent' standard and essentially repealing the legislative objective standard sub silentio," Miller campaign attorney Thomas Van Flein said. (Van Flein, by the way, is also Sarah Palin's attorney.)

"Votes that misspell Lisa Murkowski's name shouldn't count as the state today tallies write-in ballots in the U.S. Senate race, Senate candidate Joe Miller said in a federal lawsuit Tuesday," the Anchorage Daily News writes. Miller is asking a judge to stop the state from making a judgment on a voter's intentions if the voter wrote in something other than "Murkowski" or "Lisa Murkowski." State law allows no leeway for other spellings, his lawsuit says."

Per Alaska NBC affiliate KTUU: “In a statement late Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Craig Campbell said, ‘We've received the lawsuit, and have referred it to the attorney general's office for review. At this time, we intend to go forward with tomorrow's write-in ballot count.’ As for the Murkowski campaign, Kevin Sweeney told KTUU, ‘It appears the Miller campaign will do anything it can to exclude Alaskan votes from being counted.’”

"Election workers will begin scrutinizing tens of thousands of ballots in the Alaska Senate race on Wednesday in a scene reminiscent of the 2000 Florida recount. There will be no hanging chads this time around -- just lots of scribbled names," AP writes, adding, "Write-ins held an overall lead of 11,333 votes Tuesday, when early cast and some absentee ballots were added to the election night count. It remains unclear how many of those write-ins were for Murkowski or for the 159 other write-in candidates. In a count of more than 27,000 absentee and early cast ballots counted Tuesday, Miller showed a gain of 2,106 votes on the write-in candidates. Nearly 12,400 absentee ballots remain to be counted, plus a similar amount of questioned ballots to be reviewed."

More: "The two sides have hired attorneys and started raising money for what could become a lengthy court battle -- the first lawsuit was filed late Tuesday -- particularly if the vote count tightens. Murkowski's legal team includes Ben Ginsberg, who worked for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney during the 2000 Florida recount."

MASSACHUSETTS: Some are encouraging Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to challenge Scott Brown in 2012 and run for the Senate.