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Democrats hold VA-11, gain in CA-20; GOP still leads in five uncalled races

There are now seven uncalled House races -- the Republican conceded in VA-11. Republicans currently are +60 in the House. They still lead in five of the uncalled races, so their total could rise to somewhere in the neighborhood of +65. Democrats, though, feel good about their chances in CA-20, where incumbent Jim Costa (D) picked up more votes and now trails by just 145 votes from what was a 1,823-vote lead for Andy Vidak (R) on Election Night.

In VA-11, Democrat Gerry Connolly, who held off Keith Fimian (R) by less than 1,000 votes said, per the Falls Church News-Press: "This outcome should be viewed from the standpoint of strength, not weakness. ... While trees were falling all over the woods, this one didn't."

Connolly also spoke about being hospitalized after the election. He said it was for "a minor blockage in an artery was discovered and 'cleared up.'"

CA-20 could be decided by tomorrow at 6:00 pm ET.

The Bakersfield Californian:

With most of Kern’s ballots now accounted for as well — with the exception of a few thousand challenged and provisional ballots county-wide — the ultimate outcome of the race will likely be decided by Costa’s home county of Fresno. And that means Costa and Vidak will have to wait until at least Wednesday at 3 p.m. to find out their fate.

The other uncalled races: CA-11, IL-8, KY-6, NY-1, NY-25, TX-25.