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Obama agenda: Back to Jakarta

“U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta on Tuesday for a visit aimed at boosting U.S. security and trade ties with Indonesia, and using the most populous Muslim nation to reach out to the wider Islamic world. Indonesia — Obama's home for four years of his youth and an emerging economic power but also a country where U.S.-backed military and police still stifle dissent — is an important destination for Obama for a variety of strategic and personal reasons, aides said. Its importance as a U.S. ally is on the rise, even if the joy over Obama's election has faded since he became president almost two years ago.”

The New York Times: "When President Obama visits Jakarta on Tuesday, he will find a city that, in some ways, has changed beyond recognition. A city of one luxury hotel and one shopping mall when Mr. Obama lived here between 1967 and 1971, Jakarta is now the overextended and overcrowded capital of the world’s fourth most populous nation. But Jakarta’s neighborhoods, including the two where Mr. Obama lived, retain enough of their former selves that the president would quickly find his bearings.”

“The presidential commission investigating the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill challenged claims in Congress that the oil company and others sacrificed safety to cut costs,” the AP says.

In New York, closing arguments began in the trial of the first Guantanamo detainee to face a civilian trial.