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Making sense of the midterms

ALASKA: “Joe Miller hopes to make a comeback in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race when the Division of Elections today starts counting more than 30,500 absentee ballots,” the Anchorage Daily News reports. “Alaskans cast 13,439 more write-in ballots on last week’s Election Day than they voted for Republican nominee Miller… Both sides have gathered legal teams to monitor the ballot counts and prepare for a possible court challenge.” Murkowski’s likely lead comes from mostly rural areas, some that didn’t have a single person vote for Miller.

CONNECTICUT: “Republican Tom Foley conceded the gubernatorial election Monday to Democrat Dannel Malloy, saying that various problems with voting in Bridgeport were not enough to overturn the outcome of the race,” per the Hartford Courant.

FLORIDA: Really? “In his last two months in office, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is considering a December surprise: a posthumous pardon for Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, for indecent exposure charges after an infamous 1969 Miami concert,” The Hill reports.

WEST VIRGINIA: Forget about the rumors that Joe Manchin is switching parties. A spokesman said: “Joe Manchin is a lifelong Democrat, and he is not switching parties. This is exactly what is wrong with Washington — individuals try to put politics before our nation. Joe Manchin wants to go to Washington to encourage Members of Congress to stop partisan bickering and start putting our nation’s needs at the forefront.”