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Likely the fewest incumbents elected to the House since 1948

There will be a lot of new faces in the next Congress.

Based on results of Tuesday's election, 22% or more of the next Congress will be comprised of new members -- the most since 1992, according to numbers crunched by the NBC Political Unit and Vital Statistics on Congress 2008.

There are still nine uncalled House races, all involving Democratic incumbents. The results of those races could change the numbers slightly. Republicans lead in five of those, and if they do win, the incumbent reelection rate would still appear to be high 85%, but it would be the lowest in the House since 1948.

In the Senate, if Lisa Murkowski wins, then 84% of incumbents who sought reelection would return to Congress. It was lower in 2006 (78.6%). Traditionally, the incumbent reelection rate is much higher in the House -- 92% of House incumbents have been reelected on average since 1946 versus 79% of Senate incumbents.