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It ain't over yet: What's left in the House?

NY-25 moved since First Thoughts to the Republican Ann Marie Buerkle (R), a Tea Party-backed candidate. She now leads Dan Maffei (D) by 659 votes with all the vote in. There are 10 seats not yet called -- all held by Democrats -- and Republicans now lead in four. That means Republicans would net 64 seats if all things hold. But lots of these are going to go to recounts.
Here's the full list of what's left as far as the uncalled races (in order of likely GOP takeover):

-- CA-20: 100% in; Vidak (R) up 51-49 or 1,823 votes of 63K
-- NY-25: 100% in; 50-50, Buerkle (R) up 659 votes of 189K
-- IL-8: 100% in Walsh (R) up 49-48 or 559 votes of 194K
-- TX-27: 100% in; Farenthold (R) up 48-47, or 799 votes of 101K
-- CA-11: 100% in; 47-47 McNerney (D) up by just 121 votes of 164K
-- WA-2: 71% in; 50-50 Larsen (D) up 502 out of 195K
-- KY-6: 100% in; 50-50 Chandler (D) up 600 votes of 140K
-- VA-11: 100% in; 49-49 Connolly (D) up 920 votes out of 222K
-- AZ-8: 100% in; Giffords (D) up 49-48, or 2,349 votes of 239K
-- AZ-7: 100% in; Grijalva (D) up 49-46, or about 4,083 votes of 121K