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Congress: Watching Boehner and Pelosi

The next Speaker of the House John Boehner “will assume control of the House with his own elaborate plan for running the GOP on his terms. The plan includes fiercely loyal allies placed strategically throughout the House and his potential enemies placed right where he can better control them, according to Republicans close to Boehner,” Politico writes.

Boehner’s predecessor Nancy Pelosi spent yesterday morning “working the phones, consulting Democratic colleagues about whether she should stay on as minority leader,” the New York Times recounts. “She surrounded herself with family members; her daughter Alexandra and grandson, soon to turn 4, came from New York. When she rose to power, Ms. Pelosi liked to command attention by telling reporters that she was using her ‘mother-of-five voice.’ On Wednesday, that voice was silent, save for one interview, with Diane Sawyer of ABC News.”