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GOP watch: Palin's mixed record

“If Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, decides to run for president in 2012, she will now have plenty of help,” the New York Times writes, adding, “Ms. Palin was not on any ballot. But the self-described “Mama Grizzly” had plenty at stake on Tuesday night as she sought to bolster her credentials as the Republican Party’s most powerful kingmaker and the voice of the newly empowered Tea Party movement. Ms. Palin had endorsed dozens of candidates, including ones in some of the highest-profile races. The result was a mixed record that included some spectacular losses — the Delaware and Nevada Senate races — but plenty of victories that Ms. Palin and her allies have already begun to point to as evidence of her political prowess and her ability to shape and direct the unwieldy frustration that is fueling American politics.”

Check out First Read’s breakdown of how candidates endorsed by Palin fared. About half of the candidates she endorsed in the House and Senate won with a higher percentage in governors’ races.