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Reid: 'The American people want us to work together'

From NBC's John Yang
LAS VEGAS -- Newly re-elected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the message of the election is that "the American people want us to work together ... I'm hopeful and certainly expect that when the dust settles, the Republicans will no longer want to stop everything."

Reid said he hoped this new spirit could start in the post-election session.

"The lame-duck should be no different than when we get back in the new Congress," he said. "This is a good time to start."

He said he already had a good working relationship with Rep. John Boehner, the expected new House speaker.

He ignored a shouted question about the likelihood--or unlikelihood--of a challenge to his leadership role in the new Congress.

Reid, who said he had not been to sleep yet, said he had spoken with President Obama "a couple of times in the last few hours," had held a telephone conference with Senate Democrats and traded phone calls with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell without connecting this morning.

He expressed his regrets at the defeats of colleagues Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Russ Feingold and cheered Democratic victories in Connecticut, Delaware, California, Colorado and Washington.