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Just 32% of Tea Party candidates win

From NBC's Alexandra Moe
For all the talk of the Tea Party's strength - and there will certainly be a significant number of their candidates in Congress - just 32% of all Tea Party candidates who ran for Congress won and 61.4% lost this election. A few races remain too close to call.

In the Senate, 10 candidates backed by the Tea Party ran and at least five were successful. (Race in Alaska has not yet been called.)

In the House, 130 Tea Party-backed candidates ran, and just 40 so far have won.

Identifying Tea Party candidates is undoubtedly inexact. Our criteria, generally, was to include anyone who has either been backed by a Tea Party group or has identified themselves as a member of the Tea Party movement. Toward the end of this cycle, however, seemingly every Republican was trying to associate themselves this way. One left off the list was Dino Rossi, despite Jim DeMint endorsing him, since Tea Party groups backed Clint Didier in the primary.

A note to correct the record: After about 20 hours of crunching numbers, one of us on your First Read authors looked up at 4 am and heard MSNBC use a much higher number. We went back and checked, and the numbers are much lower. Here's a full list:


5 WON - 50% of Tea Party candidates won
PA- Pat Toomey
KY- Rand Paul
FL- Marco Rubio
WI- Ron Johnson
UT- Mike Lee

4 LOST - 40% of Tea Party candidates lost
DE- Christine O’Donnell
NV- Sharron Angle
WV- John Raese
CO- Ken Buck


AK- Joe Miller



40 WON - 31% of Tea Party candidates won
AR-1 Rick Crawford
AR-2 Tim Griffin
AZ-1 Paul Gosar
AZ-5 David Schweikert
FL-2 Steve Southerland
FL-22 Allen West
FL-24 Sandra Adams
GA-9 Tom Graves
ID-1 Raul Labrador
IL-10 Robert Dold
IL-11 Adam Kinzinger
IL-14 Randy Hultgren
IL-17 Bobby Schilling
IN-3 Marlin Stutzman
IN-9 Todd Young
LA-3 Jeff Landry
MI-1 Dan Benishek
MI-3 Justin Amash
MI-7 Tim Walberg
MN-6 Michelle Bachmann
MO-4 Vicky Hartzler
NC-2 Renee Ellmers
NH-1 Frank Guinta
NV-3 Joe Heck
NY-13 Michael Grimm
NY-20 Christopher Gibson
OH-1 Steve Chabot
OH-6 Bill Johnson
OH-15 Steven Stivers
OH-16 Jim Renacci
SC-1 Tim Scott
SC-3 Jeff Duncan
SC-4 Trey Gowdy
SC-5 Mick Mulvaney
TN-4 Scott DesJarlais
TX-17 Bill Flores
VA-9 H. Morgan Griffith
WI-7 Sean Duffy
WI-8 Reid Ribble
WV-1 David McKinley

82 LOST - 63% of Tea Party candidates lost
AR-4 Beth Anne Rankin
AZ-4 Janet Contreras
CA-5 Paul A. Smith
CA-6 Jim Judd
CA-7 Rick Tubbs
CA-8 John Dennis
CA-9 Gerald Hashimoto
CA-10 Gary Clift
CA-16 Daniel Sahagun
CA-18 Michael Berryhill
CA-23 Tom Watson
CA-27 Mark Reed
CA-29 John Colbert
CA-30 Charles Wilkerson
CA-37 Star Parker
CA-43 Scott Folkens
CA-47 Van Tran
CA-51 Nick Popaditch
CT-3 Jerry Labriola
DE-1 Glen Urquhart
FL-3 Michael Yost
GA-4 Lisbeth "Liz" Carter
GA-5 Fenn Little
HI-1Charles Djou
HI-2 John Willoughby
IL-5 David Ratowitz
IL-9 Joel Pollak
IL-12 Teri Newman
IN-1 Mark Leyva
IN-2 Jackie Walorski
KY-3 Todd Lally
MA-1 Bill Gunn
MA-2 Tom Wesley
MA-3 Marty Lamb
MA-4 Sean Bielat
MA-7 Gerry Dembrowski
MA-10 Jeff Perry
MD-4 Robert Broadus
MD-5 Charles Lollar
ME-2 Jason Levesque
MI-9 Rocky Raczkowski
MI-12 Don Volaric
MI-13 John Hauler
MI-15 Rob Steele
MO-3 Ed Martin
MO-5 Jacob Turk
MS-2 Bill Marcy
NC-4 William Lawson
NC-8 Harold Johnson
NC-11 Jeff Miller
NC-13 William Randall
NJ-1 Dale Glading
NJ-6 Anna Little
NJ-8 Roland Straten
NM-1 Jonathan Barela
NM-3 Tom Mullins
NY-2 John Gomez
NY-5 James Milano
NY-17 Anthony Mele
NY-21 Theodore Danz
NY-22 George Phillips
NY-27 Leonard Roberto
NY-28 Jill Rowland
OH-9 Rich Iott
OH-10 Peter Corrigan
OH-13 Tom Ganley
OH-17 Jim Graham
OR-3 Delia Lopez
OR-4 Art Robinson
PA-4 Keith Rothfus
PA-12 Tim Burns
PA-14 Melissa Haluszczak
SC-6 Jim Pratt
TN-9 Charlotte Bergmann
TX-20 Clayton Trotter
TX-25 Donna Campbell
TX-28 Bryan Underwood
TX-30 Stephen Broden
UT-2 Morgan Philpot
VA-3 Chuck Smith
VT-1 Paul Beaudry
WA-1 James Watkins

AZ-7 Ruth McClung
AZ-8 Jesse Kelly
CA- 11 David Harmer
IL-8 Joe Walsh
NY-25 Ann Marie Buerkle
TX-27 Blake Farenthold
VA-11 Keith Fimian
WA-2 John Koster