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Some Republicans take aim at Tea Party for costing Senate

Who didn't see this coming?

As we predicted would happen in this space, some Republicans are blaming the Tea Party for not picking up more seats in the Senate. Tea Party candidates perhaps cost the party seats in Nevada, Delaware, and maybe even Colorado (and that race is too close to call.)

Republicans are currently +6 in the Senate, with calls still to be made in Colorado and Washington state. If Sue Lowden was the nominee in Nevada, Jane Norton in Colorado and Mike Castle in Delaware, Republicans would have likely been at +9. That would give you a 50-50 Senate.

Then -- here's something to chew on -- what would the possibility have been maybe of a Ben Nelson (D-NE) pulling a Jim Jeffords and switching parties -- giving Republicans control of both the House and Senate?

CQ Politics:

It was a great night for Republicans, but it could have been even better. The GOP is counting off victories and celebrating gains in even the most unlikely of House races, but a top Republican strategist admits tea party candidates’ “deficiencies” that became “glaringly clear” may have cost the party multiple Senate seats.