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How key ballot initiatives went

- Prop. 19 (Marijuana Legalization): NO 54-46 (Legalize personal use and possession of marijuana)
- Prop. 20 (Redistricting): YES 61-39 (Removes elected reps. from the process of establishing congressional districts)
- Prop. 23 (Climate Change): NO 61-39 (Suspends state law requiring reducing carbon emissions until the unemployment rate falls below 5.5% for four straight quarters)

- Amend. 62 (Abortion): NO 3-to-1 margin (Defines a ‘person’ as beginning at conception)

- Prop. 106 (Health Care): YES (Prohibits mandatory participation in health care system)

- Question 3 (Taxes): NO (Cuts the state’s sales tax from 6.25% to 3% effective 1/1/11)

Init. No. 1098 (Taxes): NO (Increases state income tax on high-earners - above $200,000 - and married couples - $400,000)

- Amend. Art. Vi, Sec 7 (Campaign Finance): NO 52-48 (Repeals requiring public financing of campaigns for statewide offices)

- Amend. Sec. 7 to Art III (Elected Officials): YES (Allows for recalling a governor by petition)

- Prop. 10-2 (Elected Officials): YES (Prohibits those convicted of a felony while in office from serving in another elected position or being appointed to a position for 20 years)