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Most new senators will be no strangers to politics

From Carrie Dann and Ken Strickland
There's been a lot of talk this cycle about the ousting of "career politicians."

While two incumbent senators have already been defeated tonight, a look at the incoming class of freshmen senators, as projected by NBC News so far, shows that most are no stranger to politics.

Of the incoming members in the upper chamber, there are:

  • Two state attorneys general (Ayotte in New Hampshire and Blumenthal in Connecticut),
  • At least four lawmakers who have served in the House (Blunt in Missouri, Portman in Ohio, Boozman in Arkansas, and Moran in Kansas)
  • Two lawmakers who have served as governor (Manchin in West Virginia and Hoeven in North Dakota)

There will be at least one more congressman added to the list. Both candidates in the Pennsylvania Senate race, which has not yet been called, served in Congress.

In addition:

  • Incoming Democrat Chris Coons has served as a county executive in Delaware since 2005.
  • Florida's Marco Rubio served in the state House since 2000, taking the post of Speaker from 2006 to 2008.
  • Utah's Mike Lee, a former Supreme Court clerk, is the son of a former U.S. Solicitor General.