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Boehner's possible big day

WEST CHESTER, OH -- The media, the country, and the man who could be the House's next speaker think it’s going to be a “big day” for Republicans. Voting at his polling location here this morning, John Boehner said, “We’ve been at this election for the better part of nine months, and if you look at the races around the country, I think we have a real opportunity to win the majority, and hopefully my colleagues will elect me speaker.”

As for his large family (11 other brothers and sisters), he wasn’t sure if they were going to watch election returns together. When asked what his parents would say if they were still alive, Boehner responded, “They’d be happy.”

And when asked what he would do for the constituents of Ohio’s 8th District, Boehner said, “Listen to the American people. Listen to my constituents and obey the Constitution.”

Right before he got into his black SUV, a woman supporting Boehner’s competition (yup, there is someone running against him) asked, “What’s the biggest thing you’ve done for West Chester and the district?” Boehner’s short response: “Represent them honestly.” He then got into his truck and drove away.