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Obama agenda: Where it goes from here

The Boston Globe: “President Obama will reduce the scope of his legislative ambitions if Republicans seize control of the House today as is widely predicted, jettisoning proposals to control greenhouse gases and overhaul immigration laws in favor of more modest efforts such as improving education and highways, according to lawmakers, former White House officials, and political analysts.” More: “Obama also is expected to engage in negotiations with Republicans on taxes and the federal deficit. As he develops his own 2012 reelection strategy, he will need to be seen as working credibly across the aisle, officials and analysts said.”

“Barack Obama has dipped his presidential toe into pop culture many times this election season, but the latest stop on his media tour reeks of a ratings stunt: the President will be sitting down with Ryan Seacrest,” the New York Daily News reports, adding, “According to the Facebook posting, Obama's interview with ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ will air on Tuesday at 7:15am in Los Angeles, or 10:15am EST. It will also be posted online immediately following the broadcast.”

The president also will participate in radio interview on local Chicago, Las Vegas, and Jacksonville, FL.