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Obama agenda: The final push

In Cleveland, “President Obama made Ohio his final campaign stop yesterday in the tumultuous midterm elections, trying to help hard-pressed Democrats in a state that could prove crucial to his fortunes in two years. But Republicans said it was too little and too late,” the AP writes, adding: “Obama, bracing for perhaps one of the biggest midterm setbacks in recent times, made a four-state weekend sprint to help embattled Democrats as best he can. He said their chances are good if their supporters turn out heavily tomorrow.”

“President Obama is ready to flex some muscle by using the veto pen if Republicans win back a majority in the House,” The Hill writes. “Democrats and White House aides said that Obama is prepared to wield his veto pen and effectively stare down Republicans should they have a successful Election Day.”

The AP: “Generational differences appear to play a big role in how soldiers, Air Force personnel, Marines, and sailors feel about repealing the policy that has barred gays from serving openly since 1993 but faces a possible court-ordered end. Age may also influence how a change is implemented, if the courts or Congress ultimately lift the ban.”

And: “Theodore Chaikin Sorensen, whose prose mingled with the thoughts and words of his close friend John F. Kennedy to create some of the most memorable presidential speeches of the 20th century, died yesterday. Mr. Sorensen’s wife, Gillian, said he died in a New York City hospital of complications from an Oct. 22 stroke. He was 82,” the Boston Globe writes. “Despite a stroke nine years ago that left him nearly sightless, Mr. Sorensen had continued to be a vibrant link intellectually and philosophically to the Kennedy administration and the Camelot aura that defined the clan, launching the political careers of the president’s younger brothers, Robert and Edward.”