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Cornyn: Still backing Miller in AK

The top Republican charged with expanding his party's caucus in the United States Senate denied a report Sunday that national Republicans are abandoning Alaska GOP nominee Joe Miller in favor of write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

"That's not the case," National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman John Cornyn said on ABC's "This Week." "We are supporting the nominee of our party, which is Mr. Miller.”

Cornyn did add that he is "concerned" about the state of the race, and he declined to say whether he believes Miller can win. "I think that polls are very close now between Senator Murkowski and Joe Miller, and what we want to make sure of is that the Democrat doesn't win," he said.

Incumbent Republican Murkowski, who was defeated by Miller in the primary but has led in recent polls, was stripped of her Senate leadership position after launching what initially seemed to be a long shot attempt to keep her Senate seat with a write-in campaign.

Cornyn's Democratic counterpart, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee head Sen. Bob Menendez, says that his candidate in the race could snatch the victory away from the two Republicans.

"We believe that Scott McAdams actually has a real chance of winning this race," Menendez said on ABC.