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In Alaska, Miller uses 'Yes, We Can' against Murkowski

With at least two polls out in the past few days showing Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller (R) falling behind, he's trying link Lisa Murkowski to President Obama.

How? By using President Obama's signature, "Yes, We Can" line from the 2008 campaign. It intersplices pictures of Obama saying the catch phrase and then of Murkowski saying it at a rally.

The strategy is a double-edged sword for Miller. He needs to go negative on Murkowski since she's pulled ahead. But, remember, Murkowski's running as a write-in candidate, and every ad run mentioning her, elevates her and reminds candidates she's on the ballot. This ad even has her name written on the screen in big, bold letters.

VIDEO: The Palins are in West Virginia for the Senate race, plus the latest on the Alaska race:

This ad follows Murkowski going up with an ad, hitting Miller for "arresting journalists" and shows Miller supporters marching with guns strapped to their bodies.

The fight is clearly between Miller and Murkowski, but Democrats think they see an opening. They are hoping Miller and Murkowski split the GOP vote, giving McAdams a narrow path to victory. First Read reported yesterday that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going up on air hitting Murkowski. Today, showing his sense of humor, Scott McAdams, who is 6-3, 350 pounds, is running a print ad saying he's twice the man Miller is, and three or four times the man Lisa Murkowski is.

McAdams has limited resources. As of Oct. 13, he had $273,000 cash on hand. With the DSCC going in, and Alaska being a relatively inexpensive state to advertise in, Democrats hope he can surge. The outcome of this race, though, probably won't be known on Election Night, because of the way Alaska counts write-in votes. All the polls close at 1 am ET (most close at midnight ET). So it's going to be a late night.

Here something to ponder: What if Republicans pick up nine Senate seat, and everyone's waiting on... Alaska?