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Rick Scott spends $60 million on bid for gov

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott has spent more than $60 million of his own money during his run for governor of Florida, reports show.

Scott has personally contributed $48.8 million with his wife's trust adding an additional $11.3 million, bringing the grand total to $60.1 million.

The Naples businessman -- who claims a net worth of $219 million -- spent $50.2 million of his personal funds just on his primary bid alone.

Since the primary, Scott has used $9.9 million of his personal fortune. His Democratic opponent Alex Sink's campaign spent at least $8.6 million since she began her bid for governor in early 2009.

Scott has raised $1.1 million, plus an additional $3 million of in-kind donations most coming from the Republican Party of Florida, since the start of October.

Campaign finance figures for the week ending Oct. 15, show that Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott spent $3.9 million in his bid to succeed Gov. Charlie Crist. The Naples businessman added another $3.6 million of his personal fortune to his campaign fund, increasing to more than $60 million the money he and his wife have pumped into his largely self-funded campaign.

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