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Yesterday's debates: Murkowski won't back Palin for prez

ALASKA: Per the AP, "Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she wouldn't support Sarah Palin at this time, if Palin decided to run for president. The comment came in response to a lightning-round question during an Alaska Public Broadcasting debate in which the Senate candidates were asked whether Palin was qualified to be president."

More: "Palin is backing Murkowski's GOP rival, Joe Miller, who said Palin is "of course" qualified and better than the current office holder, Democratic President Barack Obama. Democrat Scott McAdams said Palin is qualified in a "strict sense," but added he doesn't agree with her ideology. Miller beat Murkowski in the GOP primary. She's now running as a write-in."

ILLINOIS: "Democrat Alexi Giannoulias and Republican Mark Kirk acted amicably at the beginning and end of their last debate in the U.S. Senate campaign Wednesday, but they filled the rest of the hour with innuendo and suggestions of guilt by association," the Chicago Tribune reports. "Giannoulias sought to rebut Kirk's repeated use of a list of crime figures who got loans from the Democrat's failed family bank. Giannoulias said the Republican took donations from a host of people who pled guilty to political corruption."