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Obama to stump for Perriello on Friday

First Read has learned that President Obama will add a new campaign stop to his schedule: Charlottesville, VA on Oct. 29. The president will campaign for freshman Rep. Tom Perriello (D), who just unveiled a new TV ad today that attempts to draw attention to a more conservative third-party candidate in order to siphon votes away from Republican nominee Robert Hurt.

Speaking of that ad, the Hurt campaign is releasing statements from some of the conservatives featured in the ad who are criticizing Hurt. Here is one:

Tom Perriello's most recent negative campaign ad is another shameful attempt by the Perriello campaign to avoid talking about his record in Congress," said Mike McPadden, who ran against Hurt in the GOP primary. "It is sad that Mr. Perriello’s record as our congressman is so poor that he has to stoop to these levels in his desperate attempt to hold on to the fifth district seat. To portray Robert Hurt as anything but a staunch conservative is ridiculous and disingenuous."

*** UPDATE *** Here is the response to Obama's visit from the Hurt campaign: "We gladly welcome President Obama to the 5th District as he campaigns on behalf of his favorite Congressman, Tom Perriello. His visit will further solidify the idea in the minds of voters that Congressman Perriello has been nothing more than a lap dog for the job killing Obama-Pelosi agenda, representing their interests, not the interests of Central and Southside Virginians. The Obama-Perriello rally will be a great time for the pair to explain to voters how their failed policies have led to over 11,000 jobs lost in the District, skyrocketing debt, a government takeover of health care, and an intrusive federal government."