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Yesterday's debates: Contempt and craziness

FLORIDA: "Rick Scott and Alex Sink displayed contempt for each other in their final TV debate Monday, giving a nationwide TV audience a glimpse of the mounting tension in the close race for Florida governor," the Miami Herald recounts. "Three times Scott criticized Sink for smiling or laughing as he criticized her. 'What are you smiling about? You don't care about seniors? Is that the deal?' Scott said, accusing Sink's former bank of ripping off customers... `You're reinventing history,' Sink said. `You've spent a lifetime reinventing the truth, Rick.'"

Did Sink cheat at the debate? That’s what the St. Pete Times’ Adam Smith reports, “If you watched the debate, you may have noted Rick Scott accusing the Alex Sink campaign of slipping her a note against the rules. He's correct. Violating their mutual agreement against notes, Sink makeup artist came in during a commercial break and showed her a phone with a message: ‘The attorney who [w]on the Sykes suit said alex sink did nothing wrong. Tell not to let him keep talking about her.’”

KENTUCKY: Before a Rand Paul-Jack Conway debate, Paul supporters roughed up a MoveOn.org supporter, pushing her head into the concrete sidewalk. One man is clearly seen stomping on the woman’s neck/head. Here's the video.

More from the Herald-Leader: "At one point, violence broke out when Lauren Valle of MoveOn.org approached Paul and tried to give him an 'employee of the month award' from Republicorp. Republicorp is a fake business MoveOn created to symbolize what it says is the merger of the GOP and business interests controlling political speech. Television video shows Valle, of Washington, D.C., being pushed to the ground and at least one foot stepping down on her head."

Here’s Paul’s statement on the incident, per NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell: "We understand that there was an altercation outside of the debate between supporters of both sides and that is incredibly unfortunate. Violence of any kind has no place in our civil discourse and we urge supporters on all sides to be civil to one another as tensions rise heading toward this very important election. We are relieved to hear that the woman in question was not injured."

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports on the debate: “In a spirited debate on statewide and national television Monday night, Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul accused each other of misrepresenting their views on issues ranging from civil rights to a national sales tax in their race for the U.S. Senate.”