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Palin takes shot at Murkowski 'family dynasty'

Recently embattled Tea Party favorite Joe Miller, the GOP nominee for Senate in Alaska is once again falling back on his most effective weapon -- former Gov. Sarah Palin.

In a fundraising letter sent to Miller supporters today, Palin aggressively goes after fellow Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski, who’s mounting a write-in campaign after her August loss to Miller in the GOP primary.

Palin, whose long had a tense relationship with the Murkowski family dating back to 2002 when then Gov. Frank Murkowski passed over Palin and appointed his daughter Lisa to the U.S. Senate, doesn’t hold much back.

After calling Miller the “only true conservative in the race” Palin paints Murkowski as being part of the Washington “status quo” and says she’s beholden to special interests:

“While Lisa Murkowski and her special interests have nothing to lose in this race, Alaskans and conservatives across the country have everything to lose.”

Palin then takes a swing at the Murkowski family by saying, “Joe Miller will fight for the people of Alaska, and this great country. Public service should be an honor not a family dynasty.”

Palin is not the only national Tea Party figure to bash Murkowski in recent days. Last week South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) used his Senate Conservatives Fund to air an anti-Murkowski ad that questioned her stance on abortion and suggested that Miller was the only pro-life candidate in the race.

A CNN/Time poll from last week showed the race between Miller and Murkowski tied, each getting 37% of the vote. Democrat Scott McAdams came in third with 23%.