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Voter confidence ticks up for Dems, but still indicates big losses

Voter confidence in the president and his party has ticked up slightly in the October monthly average, but is still at lows that historically indicate big gains by the party out of power.

NBC’s Voter Confidence Index is now -36, up from -41 two weeks ago, after the AP-GFK and Pew Research polls were factored in. The data shows the uptick is a result of a steady job approval rating for President Obama and a slight improvement in Americans’ views on the direction of the country.

But the VCI is among the lowest of President Obama’s presidency. Last month, it was -39. Historically, it is worse than 1994 (when Democrats lost 54 seats) and 1982 (when Republicans lost 26 House seats). It is better, however, than 2006, when it was at an all-time low of -65, and Republicans lost 30 House seats.

For more on the VCI, click here: VCI.msnbc.com.