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GOP watch: Steele and Palin, together again

Sarah Palin rallied with RNC Chairman Michael Steele in Orlando, FL. "We can't be thinking that we got it in the bag,” Palin said of the midterms, per NBC’s Shawna Thomas. “We can't get cocky about that. We got to keep on working extremely hard. We got to leave the dancing to the stars… You fire Pelosi. You retire Reid and their whole band of merry followers and we get back to putting America on the right track. You do fire them, and it's nothing personal. You just replace them with people who will do the job and will listen to the people."

Before Palin revved up the crowd, Steele asked them to take it down a notch and get in touch with their feelings. "I just want to take a moment, because in the silence I want you to feel something…I want you to feel each other's presence. I want you to feel that energy. I want you to understand how and why you got here. It is because of the work, the dedication, the commitment, desire to restore our country. Feel this moment… We, the Republican Party, are grateful for the leadership of the Tea Party, because they restored our faith in the Constitution. They reminded us what we forgot in 2006 and 2008. And you can't fake that."