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Angle repeats 'Man up' refrain

NBC's John Boxley reports from LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Newt Gingrich was in Las Vegas Thursday night, in support of Sharron Angle and talking jobs.

Angle addressed the crowd, taking aim at Reid, with her signature line: "He needs to take some responsibility, he says its not his fault about the economy. Man up, Harry Reid. He says there is no problem with social security. Man up. He says this war is lost, your general is dishonest, you owe us an apology. Man up, Harry Reid."

Gingrich was greeted to chants of, "2012, 2012." Gingrich replied, "Before we get to 2012, let's focus on November 2nd."

And he had some blistering remarks for the Democratic leadership.

On Reid: "The fact that senator Reid left Washington without passing a tax bill is an act of total and utter irresponsibility."

On Nancy Pelosi and her comments that food stamps stimulate the economy: "You have to live in San Francisco to believe this."

On Obama: "And its totally clear that Obama doesn't have a clue about the meaning of American exceptionalism, the nature of the Declaration of Independence or the American Constitution. Other than that he is a terrific guy."

On the White House: "The White House is surrounded by left-wing, PHD's in theoretical knowledge and people who have never created a single job and by the time they get done talking to each other; they get too tired to go out find somebody who actually created a job..."

Afterwards, Gingrich spoke to reporters, on a number of topics, including the blame game, "The economy soured under President Bush, but the economy soured after Reid and Pelosi became leaders of the Congress, the economic devastation occurred after Reid and Pelosi took over in 2007, with their policies, then Obama got in office and his policies made it worse."

His 2012 Plans? "We'll decide in February or March what we are doing. Clearly there is an opportunity to draw a contrast with a radical administration that creates a real choice for the American people about what kind of country we want to be."

On the Tea Party: "They are a force; they are a populist reform movement that represents a real desire to return to the Constitution and a real desire to return limited government. I think they are having a substantial positive influence on the whole national debate."

On Angle not speaking to the press: "I think she should have a press conference at least as often as President Obama...check how often President Obama has had real press conferences, very very seldom, less than any recent President."