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Wrapping up Obama's Friday on the trail

Here's the Los Angeles Times on President Obama's rally in L.A. yesterday:

President Barack Obama rallied thousands of loyal supporters at the USC campus Friday, urging them to defy skeptics who have predicted losses for Democrats and turn out in force on election day to give his administration more time to turn around the nation's flailing economy and deliver the change he promised in the 2008 election.

"We need all of you to fight on. We need all of you fired up," the president told the roaring crowd of students and admirers — 37,500 of them, by USC officials' estimates — who spilled out across the sun-soaked lawn of Alumni Park and the streets beyond. "We need all of you ready to go, because in just 11 days … you have the chance to set the direction of this state and of this country, not just for the next two years but for the next five years, the next 10 years, the next 20 years."

And here's the Las Vegas Sun on the president's stop in Las Vegas to stump for Harry Reid and other Democrats:

President Barack Obama poked some fun at his right-hand U.S. senator on Friday, telling a Las Vegas crowd that Harry Reid isn’t the flashiest guy around, talks softly, gives wonky speeches and “doesn’t move real quick.”

“But Harry Reid does the right thing,” Obama told a crowd of some 9,000 enthusiasts at Orr Middle School.